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Oreja Bowl

Oreja Bowl

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Chamba, a traditional black pottery from a small zone in central Colombia, is considered to be the oldest form of ceramics found in the Americas.

An adorable bowl with a handle for hot soup! Made by Carmen Prado in La Chamba, Tolima.

  • Material: black micacious clay

  • Size: D 6” x H 2.5” Ear 2x2”

  • Heat resistant, bowl can be placed directly on stovetop or in oven

  • Non-microwaveable

  • Hand-wash only with non-scrubby sponge

  • Handmade item, slight variations occur

  • Food-safe, lead free

Additional Info
Colombia is well known for its variety and quality of ceramics. It is believed that Colombia was one of the first countries in the Americas to produce ceramics, and the tradition remains strong.  Ceramics vary regionally across Colombia, depending on the clay available and stylistic patterns associated with that area. We work directly with the artisans to determine prices, choose products, and understand the process involved in each piece and the artist’s inspirations.  

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