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Guaviare Basket

Guaviare Basket

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Made by the Nukak-Makú indigenous group living deep within the Guaviare zone of Colombia’s Amazon basin, these baskets are made with bejuco yaré (a natural plant fiber) and are frequently used to transport firewood, food, and medicinal plants.

The Nukak-Makú are one of the last remaining nomadic groups of Colombia. They first had contact with the outside world in 1988 and since then have been displaced due to Colombia’s armed conflict. They now primarily live in small groups on the outskirts of San Jose Del Guaviare and visit the city several times per year to sell their bracelets, hammocks, and baskets. These are truly one-of-a-kind baskets and no two are the same in dimensions or colors.

  • Colors: natural with brown and rust, patterning varies on each basket

  • Sizes (approx):

    • mini 4.5-6.5” W x 3-4.5” H $40

    • small 6-8” W x 3-4.5” H $60

    • medium 9-12” W x 6-8” H $85

    • large 13-16” W x 7-9” H $120

    • x-large 17-19.5” W x 14-17” H $240

  • Material: bejuco yaré fiber, natural plant dyes

  • Care: Recommended for indoor use. Keep dry. Avoid bending or packing. Spot clean with damp cloth.

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