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Mini Cuatro Tetas Bag - Solid

Mini Cuatro Tetas Bag - Solid

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Named for their unique shape, “cuatro tetas” baskets are handwoven by a group of artisans in Guapi, Cauca - a small town along Colombia’s Pacific coast. The artisans are part of the Canaán indigenous community consisting of more than 30 families who were displaced by Colombia’s armed conflict 12 years ago.

In recent years, artisans have formed the Asociación de Artesanos la Gloria de Dios - a predominately female weaving collective focused on basketry. Baskets are made from two types of naturally dyed palm fibers and larger baskets can take up to several weeks to complete. We work directly with the artisans at prices determined by the weaving collective.

This is the mini version of our cuatro tetas baskets. Dress up or down - handwoven, sturdy, and one-of-a-kind.

  • Colors:

    • black

    • white

    • peach

  • Size: 10” H x 7.5” W

  • Material: paja tetera (wild vine) & chocolatillo

  • Handmade item - sizing, stitching, color, and detail may vary

  • Care instruction: Handle with care, delicate item. Spot clean where necessary.

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